Parallel to my work for business and higher education organisations I also give lessons and courses in singing, acting and presentation to people of all ages and levels.

Irrespective of the type of lesson or the age or level of the student, the work is essentially text, body and sensory driven. Technical issues are addressed within the context of students being encouraged to 'play': to take risks and make mistakes and in doing so discover how their vocal and physical instruments work technically and artistically.

Lesson Information
General enquiries about lesson possibilities including singing, acting, presentation and working with text, can be made by filling in the form on the Contact page. Please take care to check out our Terms and Conditions.

LAK Courses
Information about my vocal and Presentation courses at the LAK in Leiden can be seen on the Agenda page, as well as the LAK website:

Please note: Registration for LAK courses can only be done via their Cursusinschrijving online.

Art work adapted from Paul Klee's Alles läuft nacht!