A workshop lasts 3 1/2 hours including breaks.

Workshops begin with a physical and vocal warm up followed by brackets of 'theme based' exercises and tasks. Outcomes and insights from the exercises are constantly cross referenced and assessed within the context of the participant's work situation. This teaches them how they can adapt old, and apply new skills.

Number of Participants:
Maximum - 30     Minimum - 10

Costs are calculated at a fixed rate for 3 1/2 hours excl. BTW and, where applicable, travel, accommodation and preparation costs.

A minimum space of 11 square meters is required for workshops in order to facilitate moving around in large numbers. Sufficient seating for the total number of participants is also necessary.

Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn in which participants can walk, run, stretch and eventually move around on the floor. Gym shoes are preferred.

Workshops Training and Coaching Sessions Consultancy


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