Jacques Vincken
Shell Downstream Credit Manager Europe & Africa

In April 2012 Scott Blick gave the Shell Downstream Credit Management Leadership team of Europa & Africa, a workshop in Krakow, Poland. Taking into account how we work, or should work as a 'high performance team' the focus of the workshop was 'team building' and 'individual presentation'. Making use of his broad experience in the theatre world, and in particular dance, singing and acting, Scott was able to stimulate the team to think and work 'outside the box'. 

I totally recommend the work. Scott's approach offers a complimentary alternative to the more traditional management training and 'team building' programs. The combination and balance of rational versus creative thinking is challenging but extremely valuable. The insights and tips Scott gives are excellent, and he gives them with much energy, passion, pleasure and a huge dose of humor.

Albert van der Weerd
Trainer, advisor and manager Head, Heart and Hands

I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Scott in a workshop he gave to our management team.

Scott's energetic manner combined with his ability to relate his broad and varied experience in theatre back to a person's individual work situation enables him to engage and motivate people. Throughout the work there is a minimum of talking, the accent is on 'doing': working as a team, holding focus, being open to new experiences and pro-active. In short: inspiring work.

In addition to this, Scott is an acutely trained observer able to offer participants razor-sharp insight into  their non-verbal communication.

A training with Scott is rejuvenating, confronting and dynamic........... not forgetting: great fun!

Stieneke Robers
Teacher of Business, ROC Mondriaan, Den Haag, the Netherlands

During the school years 2008 through to 2010 Scott Blick gave several workshops to the final year students of the Business Department of the ROC Mondriaan College. The aim of the workshops was to help students prepare for their verbal presentations of their 'business' plans before an external jury.

Given than many student have difficulty expressing their ideas in a coherent and relaxed fashion, Scott taught then how to work with tension in a positive way. As well as offering students several breathing techniques to help centre themselves, Scott let them experience how they work, and in an energetic manner offered them positive feedback.

As a result of the workshops even withdrawn students were able to defend their 'business' plan in a relaxed and convincing manner during their end presentations.

Wendy Baxter
Senior Team Manager Shell Revenue Credit & Debt Collection. Glasgow.

In the past I've attended many "Team Building/Coaching and Self Awareness" sessions - all were good at the time, however I ask myself how much did I really take away with me that I could use in the 'real' world of business?

For many years I have struggled with presenting to large audiences/groups, whether that be work colleagues or in a social setting. I am very self critical of my 'performance' - however with the help from Scott's techniques I now present without feeling flustered or loosing the plot. "Feel your feet" I hear Scott saying (trust me, it works).

Highly recommended sessions - and lots of fun too.


Aly Oldersma
Communitcation Manager, Horizon College, Alkmaar, the Netherlands

In his workshops and training sessions Scott Blick uses the body and intuition as the starting point from which to work. His reason: there’s enough writing and talking about things already, and far too little feeling and experiencing. This may seem like a ‘soft’ approach, however Scott is anything but soft. He’s very concrete and incredibly strict, and also nice. I should know; I’ve recently done several theatre performances and workshops with him.

The topics Scott deals with in his workshops include developing trust, taking initiative, leadership, presentation and accepting responsibility for ones actions. Although you do things in new and unexpected ways that can often be confronting, Scott is very respectful towards workshop participants and never makes you feel uncomfortable. He knows exactly how to challenge a person to step out of their ‘comfort zone’ and to enjoy doing so. 

All in all a workshop with Scott Blick is very instructive; but more than this, it’s a pleasure to be part of. At the conclusion of a workshop you leave with a good dose of energy.