.......drawing on an extensive background
in the visual and performing arts.......


Originally from Newcastle, Australia, I've lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1988.

I have a broad understanding of the relationship between the body and voice and their potential as vehicles of communication. This is the direct result of more than 30 years working in the performing arts as a professional dancer, actor, singer, director and choreographer.

As a fervent advocate of experiential learning I prefer to get clients to 'do' things first and to talk about and dissect what they've done afterwards. For me the body, the senses and instinct are powerful learning tools especially when combined with and supported by objective observation and analysis.

My approach is thought provoking, challenging and at times confronting, but always supportive and done with a smile and a sense of fun. I aim to create an environment where you can experiment and ultimately find what works best for you.

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Art work adapted from Paul Klee's 'Alles läuft nach'.